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About us

At Vital we are a team of varied backgrounds, one doctor, two dentists and one engineer. Together we work on a weekly basis focusing on what our users need. We've had family members who would help themselves with a solution like ours and that drives us forward in every detail we add to it.

The development of Vital has been always User Centered, thinking through every aspect of where it could be used, how, when and why.

We look forward to develop even greater additions in the future, where typing the values won't be necessary, this is a nevcer ending self development process for us.

The story behind Vital

The idea behind Vital came when my grandfather had to go to the hospital because of high blood pressure. My family asked me to stay with him the night, take measurements every hour and send them via Whatsapp, something I found could be done in a much better way, and so it began

I wanted this project to be successful and for that you need a team. I recurred to three amazing people, first my girlfriend who is very supportive and honest. Next I thought about two driven people, one of my best friends and his girlfriend. Both of them are super passionate about what they do and have great ideas to bring to the table, together we work to bring the best experience possible and deliver great results.

-Jose Zuniga
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